Matthew 25:29

The lessens the Bible teaches us about our talents is at the heart of it, use it or loose it. It’s with anything, if you don’t excersise for a while then come back to it, your huffing and puffing. You’ve lost the ability to run a mile without totally killing your muscles and lungs, etc. On the other hand, God promises that if we use our talents, we will recieve even more. That too makes sense, because as we go through our lives and do things over and over, we no longer have to put the same energy into it we once did. It becomes second nature and we are then free to learn something new.

If we all spent our lives trying to better ourselves and help those around us, what sort of world would we live in?

The Ministries of a church are important not only to help the needy, etc. (which are vastly important), but ministries serve multiple purposes. They enhance our worship, they bring us together in fellowship and they encourage us to be better Christians. In this section are listed ministries that when clicked upon will tell you information about that particuliar ministry. Contact information for the person/persons in charge is also provided within the link if you have questions about joining a particuliar ministry.

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