The Hellenic Cultural Association (HCA) of Salt Lake City received its charter from the State of Utah on May 23, 1986, as a not-for-profit, non-sectarian organization whose principal objective would be to preserve the rich history, heritage, traditions, documents and memorabilia that reflect the Greek Experience in America. Its major goal has been to establish the Hellenic Cultural Museum of America in Salt Lake City, Utah, and to sponsor public events to promote Hellenic ideals that reflect the Greek American experience. The HCA is governed by a Board of Trustees and Advisers.

The HCA founded and maintains the Hellenic Cultural Museum, the Hellenic Historical Monument, and the Hellenic Cultural Library, all of which are located on the grounds of the Holy Trinity Cathedral complex.

The HCA assists and encourages Philhellenes, Hellenic cultural groups and individuals in their efforts to identify, collect, catalog, preserve and maintain various documents and artifacts pertaining to the history of their communities and their cultural heritage. Among its other activities, the HCA has inaugurated its prestigious annual event, the presentation of Axios and Axia Awards to worthy individuals in recognition of service to their communities.

                                                   Hellenic Cultural Association

2018 Officers

President-Jeanine Timothy

Vice President- Nick Angelides

Treasurer- Charles Deneris

 Secretary- Jeannine P. Timothy

        Board Members

   Aphrodite Angelides

 Perry Drossos

     Dimitri Gerontis

           Anthony "Tony" Gianoulis

     Sam T. Korologos

       Tia D. Korologos

         Andrea Kastanis Orton

       Nia Reganis