Orthodoxy’s View of the Saints and Theotokos

The Most Holy Theotokos

Definition of Theotokos: Theotokos is a compound of two Greek words, Θεός “God” and τόκος “parturition, childbirth.” Literally, this translates as “God-bearer” or “the one who gives birth to God.”

The Orthodox do not worship Mary the Theotokos; we do not see her as a diety! However, we do honor her just as the Bible says, “All man shall call me blessed”. She is the mother of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ. We also ask her to intercede for us, to pray to her Son and ask Him our prayers. For it was through her bidding that Jesus performed His first miracle at the wedding of Cana, where he turned the water into wine.

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Holy Saints of God

Saints are people who have faced the evils of this world and through their love of God, and strength of faith have overcome the evils by the grace of God and have become examples for us to do the same. When we are feeling like life is too hard, our troubles are too many or too great a burden, we can look to the saints and the lives they led, the hardships they went through, even to the point of their deaths, and yet see their faith and know that if they can do it, so can we! For this reason we honor them.

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